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Urban Zero Emissions


Minibuses and Coaches

e.City Gold

H2.City Gold

e.City Gold

The e.City Gold, co-branded by CaetanoBus and Toyota, is a 100% electric low-floor, modular bus that meets the mobility and sustainability needs of cities.

  • Silent
  • Smooth
  • Safe
  • Zero-Emissions

H2.City Gold

The H2.City Gold, co-branded by CaetanoBus and Toyota, is a standard low-floor bus that meets the mobility and sustainability needs of cities.

  • 60 kW Toyota Fuel Cell
  • 44 kWh LTO batteries
  • Less than 10 minutes refueling time
  • Estimated range of more than 500 km



COBUS is the world leader of airport buses and is pioneering the development of Zero-Emission buses for this segment (Electric and Hydrogen)

  • Diesel Buses
  • Electric Buses
  • Retrofit of Diesel to Electric Buses
  • Hydrogen Buses




With more than 700 units in circulation in the United Kingdom, the Levante model, totally geared towards tourism, reveals its majesty on every road it travels.

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Design
  • Accessibility


One bus, multiple paths. Choose the ideal solution. Developed with an outstanding level of comfort and quality, this minibus is ideal for the school or tourist segment.

  • Capacity of 29 seats, plus guide and driver
  • Outstanding level of comfort and quality
  • Provision for wheelchair ramp
  • Ideal for the school or tourist segment

Our Electric Journey
Traveling the sustainability road since 2011


Caetano moves forward with the development of electric mobility solutions



Development of the first electric airport exclusive bus: e.COBUS


e.City Gold

Launch of the first 100% electric urban bus: e.City Gold


Caetano + Toyota

Cooperation agreement with Toyota to the development of the H2.City Gold


H2.City Gold

Launch of the Fuel Cell bus: H2.City Gold


Co-branding with Toyota

ZE buses were co-branded with Toyota


Hydrogen Solutions

Continuous development of electric and hydrogen mobility solutions