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CaetanoBus accepts its commitment to improve its relationship with clients, both in terms of product development and the efficiency of the service provided. Their satisfaction is essential to us. Safety, value, performance, appearance and the integrity of its guarantee are attributes ensured by us, with a very specific orientation towards its CAETANO vehicle. Because of this pertinence, we offer a set of after-sales services with you and the needs of your bus in mind.

At CaetanoBus, we are always thinking about the health of your vehicle. Our objective is to always offer quality service. At our garage in Ovar, we have an efficient, convenient and dynamic after-sales service fitted with the most advanced equipment and technology. Always supported by a team of specialised professionals who are available to meet your every need.


Olho Marinho Street
3885-113 Arada – Ovar

In the event of a collision, your vehicle must be repaired as soon as possible, so that other components are not damaged, and so that it can continue with its life cycle. It is important that the parts are reliable, of a genuine brand, and that the bus receives treatment from those who really know it.

Where to buy CAETANO parts?
To serve you better, please send us, via email, the following data:
– Vehicle model; Registration number; Chassis Number; Country of Destination.

Sandra Matagueira:

Portugal; Spain; MAN; China; Hong Kong; Stock off.
Tel: +351 227 867 366
Telm: +351 910 537 227

Joaquim Silva:

UK; Germany (Cobus Industries; EvoBus; Probus); Other Countries.
Tel: +351 227 867 324

CaetanoBus offers you a Mobile Technical Assistance Service in Portugal. This service is a quick and efficient way to resolve problems and faults which may arise on CAETANO brand buses while operating on the roads, and which covers the entire Portuguese national territory. The CaetanoBus Mobile Technical Assistance Service can be requested by calling 256 790 076.

We guarantee a quality service, without you having to visit our Garage.

Assistance Service
Assistance Service
Assistance Service