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COBUS is a brand of airport buses manufactured by CaetanoBus, distributed by COBUS Industries , based in Germany. Today, COBUS is the undisputed leader in the airport bus market and has been a pioneer in this technology for over 30 years.

In recent years, COBUS has also been a pioneer in the development of zero-emission buses for airports. Cobus has the first 100% electric bus exclusively for airports worldwide. More recently, COBUS also started looking at Hydrogen as a solution, and developed the world's first hydrogen-powered airport bus.

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+4,700 COBUS sold

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+350 airports

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+110 countries

Cobus Diesel - CaetanoBus


Our COBUS is available in various sizes and versions, from economy to customized solutions as well as exclusive VIP buses.

Cobus Vega - CaetanoBus


The development of this concept supports two technical solutions: the manufacture of a brand new all-electric COBUS airport bus, called e.COBUS and the conversion of a diesel COBUS airport bus into an all-electric unit called e.START.

Cobus Hydra - CaetanoBus


The first Hydrogen-powered airport bus
COBUS is the pioneering manufacturer of hydrogen-powered buses for airports. This revolutionary solution will be crucial to reduce CO2 emissions at airports