News | 5 November, 2022

CaetanoBus zero-emission buses are now co-branded with Toyota

Zero-emission buses, manufactured by CaetanoBus in Portugal, are co-branded with Toyota since July 2021.

Zero-emission buses, manufactured by CaetanoBus in Portugal, will be co-branded with Toyota

CaetanoBus, the Portuguese manufacturer, has announced today the co-branding of its zero-emission buses, the e.City Gold, its 100% electric city bus, and the H2.City Gold, its hydrogen bus, with Toyota, in response to the accelerated company growth and to its shareholder restructuring.

Over the past year, CaetanoBus has been reinforcing its international presence with the increasing sales of its zero-emission buses. This growth reflects the increasing recognition of CaetanoBus as a manufacturer of zero-emission buses, its engineering capability, and cutting-edge technology in the competitive European Bus market.

CaetanoBus envisions being a solution provider to help create a safer and greener society through its zero-emission mobility products. In order to combine CaetanoBus’ growth with urban sustainability and to build the future of cities with its partners, in December 2020, Toyota Caetano Portugal (TCAP) became the direct shareholder of CaetanoBus. This enhanced strategic alliance reflects Toyota Motor Europe’s objective to further expand its commercial zero-emission mobility by leveraging CaetanoBus’ long-standing bus business and recent strong efforts in the development and sales of zero-emission buses.

H2.City Gold is the Caetano hydrogen-powered electric bus, with a range of 400km and Toyota’s fuel cell system. This vehicle allowed both companies to demonstrate complementary technology and engineering capability and It was the first step into this strategy, which also includes e.City Gold, the 100% electric bus from CaetanoBus.

At the heart of this co-branding is a change of the vehicle badging to include both “Caetano” and “Toyota” logo’s, acknowledging Toyota’s strong visual recognition amongst European customers.

With this co-branding, we reinforce the longstanding partnership with Toyota to the whole zero-emission buses business. This allows us both to demonstrate, on the one hand, technical capability and complementary technology, and on the other, a true alignment towards decarbonization”, said José Ramos, President of CaetanoBus.

The co-branding of CaetanoBus zero-emission buses shows the confidence we have in our latest investment and our longstanding partnership with Caetano. It also underlines the importance that Toyota places on developing zero-emission mobility beyond cars, on our path to carbon-neutrality,” commented Matt Harrison, President, and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe.