News | 20 March, 2024


CaetanoBus, a leading manufacturer of sustainable transport solutions, continues to guide the transition to zero-emission mobility through hydrogen mobility with its latest contract for the delivery of 10 H2.City Gold units to Austria. Wiener Linien, one of Austria's most important public transport operators, has awarded CaetanoBus its first contract in the country for electric hydrogen-powered buses, marking a significant milestone in the company's expansion across Europe.

CaetanoBus, which already has more than 150 electric hydrogen-powered buses sold in Europe, has now seen another European capital adopt hydrogen mobility and choose CaetanoBus to supply its Hydrogen Fuel Cell buses. These buses, which are CaetanoBus' first hydrogen buses in Austria, will be equipped with Toyota's 2nd generation fuel cell stack with a nominal power of 70 kW.

Important to refer that the short listed OEMs have presented demos buses for intensive tests by Winer Linien as part of the internantional tender process and the outstanding performance and lowest hydrogen consuption of the Caetano H2.City Gold was recognised as very positive factor for selection.

The H2.City Gold buses will revolutionize transport along Vienna’s busy Line 39A, one of the city’s main routes. Renowned for its challenging route, short distances between stops and high passenger volumes, Line 39A represents an ideal showcase for the capabilities of hydrogen electric buses. Wiener Linien’s decision to transition this key route to hydrogen underlines the suitability and resilience of hydrogen electric buses on more difficult routes.

The Vienna Utilities Group’s strategy is to cover the entire value chain, from the production of green hydrogen to transport, refuelling and use – all within the Group, and CaetanoBus is proud to contribute and be part of this strategy as an important stakeholder. Nuno Lago de Carvalho, Chief Commercial Officer of CaetanoBus, highlights: " We are delighted to embark on this innovative journey with Wiener Linien, introducing our electric hydrogen-powered buses to Austria for the first time. This, contract for the delivery of electric hydrogen-powered buses, strengthens CaetanoBus' global presence in hydrogen ecosystems and reaffirms our commitment to developing innovative solutions for sustainable mobility."