News | 26 December, 2023

Partnering with CATL, CaetanoBus is promoting cleaner bus transportation globally

CaetanoBus and CATL have joined forces to revolutionize urban and airport transport with a new solution for electric buses

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), the leading battery technology company, is thrilled to announce the strategic partnership with CAETANOBUS - FABRICAÇÃO DE CARROÇARIAS, S.A. (CaetanoBus), the global market leader in airport bus transportation.

As the world faces the pressing challenges of climate change and the need to reduce carbon emissions, the transportation sector has emerged as a key area for transformation. Recognizing the importance of sustainable practices, CaetanoBus and CATL have joined forces to revolutionize city and airport transportation by transitioning to electric buses powered by cutting-edge energy solution.

Under this partnership, CATL will supply state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries specifically designed for the demands of electric bus fleets. With the LFP chemistry system’s exceptional long battery life and high thermal runaway temperature of up to 800 ℃, CaetanoBus has an outstanding performance record in safety and distinguished temperature adaptability from -35 ℃ to 65℃. By removing the conventional module parts, the innovative 3rd generation CTP technology increases the battery energy density by 10% to 15%, utilizing the bus payload and making it perfect for city and airport transportation. The flexible configuration system that CATL developed for CaetanoBus is suited for various CaetanoBus electric buses. These high-performance batteries will enable Caetanobus to create a wide range of zero-emission bus products to realize the sustainability benefits of electrification.
The partnership extends CATL’s overseas commercial vehicle electrification network, strengthening its global leading position in the lithium-ion battery industry.

“CATL always strives to provide leading battery solutions to the world,” said Akin Li, executive president of CATL. “Developing a comprehensive network with diversified commercial vehicle OEMs globally is crucial to our business sector. More importantly, we are pleased to get together with CaetanoBus to pave the way for responsible and sustainable city and airport transportation.”

CaetanoBus CEO highlights, “The collaboration between CaetanoBus and CATL is a key milestone for both entities and for the market, in the pursuit of the industry's Zero Emissions objectives. With the inclusion of these powerful batteries in our urban and airport buses, we will improve our offer and respond directly to customer demands for sustainable transport solutions. This partnership emphasizes our commitment to Zero Emission buses, reinforcing CaetanoBus trajectory to be one of the leaders of the transition in urban and airport bus transport. This collaboration represents a giant step towards environmental responsibility and reinforces our strategy of developing 100% electric and electric powered by hydrogen buses for a cleaner and greener future!”

Both companies are excited to commence the implementation of the electric bus fleet in the coming months, with the aim of fully transitioning their airport transportation services to zero-emission vehicles within future several years. By setting an example for the industry, they hope to inspire other transportation providers to embrace sustainable solutions and contribute to a greener future.

Optimizing the adaptability of buses to multiple scenarios
CaetanoBus is the biggest manufacturer of buses, coaches, and chassis in Portugal, who has ever launched e.Cobus - the first 100% electric bus for exclusive use at airports. With its technological capabilities in developing unique, customer-oriented mobility solutions, the company provides comprehensive vehicle services to cities and airports. CaetanoBus is the manufacturer of Cobus, the global market leader in airport bus transportation, and has specialized in electric vehicles since 1980.
CaetanoBus has launched a series of electric buses and is dedicated to the mission “toward a cleaner future.” Applied in city and airport transportation, CaetanoBus is required to have a higher standard in safety, mileage, and payload. What's more, to adapt to various climates in the region, buses also need to have better temperature adaptation capability.