News | 11 April, 2023

CaetanoBus becomes Spain's market leader in hydrogen-powered buses as it has been awarded to supply EMT Madrid's first 10 hydrogen buses

Caetanobus becomes Spain's market leader in hydrogen-powered buses as it has been awarded to supply EMT Madrid's first 10 hydrogen-powered buses

The public transport operator of the Spanish capital - EMT Madrid - . The H2.City Gold model, which will run with the new generation of Toyota fuel cell stack. These hydrogen buses will be the first  in EMT Madrid's fleet and  staring  operation in  2024.

CaetanoBus after having already supplied hydrogen buses to some of the most important operators in Spain, such as TMB , ALSA and more recently AVANZA, and after having won in 2022 the tenders of EMT Tarragona, Guaguas and ITC (Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias), has now been awarded by EMT Madrid to supply 10 units of the Caetano H2.City Gold model. These buses, which are EMT Madrid's first hydrogen buses, will be equipped with Toyota's 2nd generation fuel cell stack and are scheduled to be delivered by the end of the first quarter of 2024.

The H2.City Gold is a standard low-floor lightweight bus with an aluminium body that from 2024 will be equipped with the new generation of the Toyota Fuel Cell stack with a nominal power of 70 kW. The Second-Generation of Toyota Fuel Cell System is more compact, lighter, even more efficient and provides more power density than the previous generation and is now assembled in Europe, at Toyota Motor Europe’s Research and Development facility, in Zaventem, Brussels.

Taking advantage of this new technology, CaetanoBus’ R&D engineering team has also improved the integration of the new system into the bus by using now the heat released from the Fuel Cell Stack to warm up faster and provide more comfort to the passengers salon and driver cabin. With this upgrade of the H2.City Gold, CaetanoBus is also deploying other improvements that will leverage the performance of the vehicle such as reduce even more hydrogen consumption and driving comfort. A step ahead to meet current and future customers’ expectations.

This order will scale up CaetanoBus’ sales of H2.City Gold model, the electric hydrogen-powered bus with more than 115 units sold to several European cities in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Denmark. On top of that, this order will strengthen Caetanobus’ partnership with relevant bus operators in the Hydrogen field, especially since EMT Madrid has invested 10.8 million euros in the construction of a hydropower plant at its facilities in Madrid.

Nuno Lago de Carvalho, Chief Commercial Officer of CaetanoBus, highlights: “Spain is a key market for CaetanoBus, and we are very pleased to become market leader by supply more 10 units of our H2.City Gold to another important public transport operator as EMT Madrid. Hydrogen mobility is key to decarbonize big bus fleets and crucial to fight against climate change in a sustainable manner”.