News | 13 September, 2023

CAETANOBUS and TEMSA Collaborate to launch an electric Hydrogen-Powered Coach in 2024

Leading the way in hydrogen mobility for long-distance tourism with a perfect partnership. CaetanoBus and Temsa have united to jointly develop a Hydrogen coach with unprecedented fit-for-purpose , comfort, autonomy and flexibility.

In response to the increasing demand for sustainable transportation solutions, where electric hydrogen-powered city buses proven already its reliability and operational flexibility, CaetanoBus and Temsa are committed to answer to the European demand for the long-distance segment where hydrogen mobility is a must. In a landmark collaboration, sealed this week at CaetanoBus’ Headquarters in Portugal, CaetanoBus, a pioneering force in European hydrogen systems integration and buses deployment, and Temsa, a globally recognized OEM specializing in long-distance and tourism coaches, have united to create an innovative solution tailored for long-distance travel and tourism needs.

CaetanoBus stands as a true pioneer in the European hydrogen bus landscape, having already secured numerous sales of its urban hydrogen model to cities in various European countries including Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Italy, and Portugal. Its recent accolade as the top European hydrogen bus seller in the first half of 2023 further solidifies its leadership in this segment with Toyota Fuel Cell technology. The company's deep-rooted knowledge in the hydrogen sector and its familiarity with tourism requirements make it an ideal partner in this remarkable venture. CaetanoBus is also very knowledgeable about coach operational requirements once is the manufacturer of the National Express coaches’ fleet for the UK as well as for several operators in Iberic market. TEMSA, a renowned name in the bus and coach
industry, has built its reputation, particularly in the realm of long-distance and tourism coaches. To date, TEMSA has produced over 130,000 vehicles and exported over 15,000 vehicles to nearly 70 countries worldwide. While already having an established presence in the electric coach segment, TEMSA is now expanding its portfolio to include another groundbreaking zero-emissions addition together with CaetanoBus. This new hydrogen-powered coach will have high standards of quality and comfort while achieving extended autonomy levels as it is required on this segment.

The collaboration between CaetanoBus and Temsa has led to the development of an exceptional electric hydrogen-powered coach that will operate with hydrogen refueled at 350 or 700 bars (H2 Dual System) offering unique flexibility for the operator to refill the vehicle in any available hydrogen refueling station in the route without any constraint. Another important characteristic of this H2 coach is the autonomy with a single refilling of up to 1000 km, which can vary depending on the operation and weather conditions. The first coach to be launched in 2024 will be a 2-axle based on the electric version of Temsa HD12 to accelerate time to market of pre-serial in 2024 and serial production from 2025, but the 3-axel coach is also part of the plans immediately after. This Zero-Emission coaches are designed to cater to the specific demands of long-distance journeys and tourism, with innovative solutions that directly address the market's needs for zero-emission collective transportation over extended routes.

To delve deeper into the realm of this revolutionary hydrogen-powered coach, don't miss the chance to visit the CaetanoBus and Temsa stands at BusWorld 2023. This premier industry event will provide an exclusive opportunity to explore firsthand the cutting-edge features and benefits of this pioneering solution, shaping the future of sustainable and comfortable coach travel.