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First CAETANO electric chassis has already left the production line

The growing need for mobility for people and goods requires the imposition of new challenges that promote the sustainability of the planet and the reduction of traffic and pollution in urban centers. CaetanoBus embraces these challenges and, therefore, we are proud to announce that our first CAETANO Electric Chassis has come out of the production line, as a result of a highly qualified team and thanks to their dedication and effort.

Thinking about the cities of the future, we invest in Portuguese engineering and in the specialized training of our technicians, so that the final product can be the mirror of our commitment to innovation, our willingness to contribute to the preservation of our planet and the improvement of the quality of life for all.

CAETANO electric chassis, provides real-time data monitoring, such as vehicle performance, power consumption or management of the charging process. It has a nominal power of 160kw @ 1500rpm and a maximum speed of 3500rpm, EBS, high voltage electrical power and a solution from a minimum length of 9.5 meters, to a chassis with a maximum length of 12.7 meters. These features make this chassis the ideal solution for bodybuilders who want to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in the urban sector.

The path of electric mobility is the path we intend to go through. Our technical capacity, coupled with our mission to provide a better quality of life and a sustainable future for our planet is the energy that moves us every day.

Primeiro chassis elétrico CAETANO

Primeiro chassis elétrico CAETANO


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