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Here is H2.City Gold, the new Caetano hydrogen-powered bus

This new bus reinforces CAETANO’s commitment to developing solutions for environmentally friendly fleets, thus complementing the existing offer of electric buses. CaetanoBus becomes the first company in Europe to use Toyota’s leading fuel cell technology. “Successfully expanding our partnership to Fuel Cells for our new city bus in Europe allows us both to demonstrate complimentary technology and engineering capability that is world class. This project will enable cities to rethink their future mobility and enhance quality of life”, said Salvador Caetano Indústria President, Mr. José Ramos. H2.City Gold has autonomy of 400kms on a single refill and this product feature contributes to an achievement of decarbonized society without compromising the operational requirement. 

“Thanks to their longstanding relationship with Toyota, their understanding of market requirements and their technical capabilities, CaetanoBus was the ideal partner to start the development of our powertrain sales activities in Europe,” said TME President and CEO Dr Johan van Zyl. “I look forward to receiving the first market feedback from this initiative and the expansion of the supply business of hydrogen fuel cell technology,” he added.

Caetano H2.City Gold: Hydrogen in, water out

H2.City Gold is the new hydrogen-powered Caetano electric bus. Presenting a high environmental performance with no CO2 emissions, this vehicle takes advantage of the best of Toyota technology and our engineering capacity. The vehicle uses the same fuel cell stack as the Toyota Mirai.

Thanks to the fast refuelling time, of less than 9 minutes, and the high autonomy of the vehicle, city operations are not compromised. H2.City Gold has autonomy of 400kms on a single refill, a differentiating feature in the fuel cell bus market, enabling longer routes. A 60 kW Toyota fuel cell is used in this vehicle, which also stands out for its electric motor with a rated power of 180 kW.

It also stands out for its high modularity, comfort, safety and user-friendliness. Available in 10.7 or 12m, LHD and RHD versions, it is easily adaptable to any urban environment.

Hydrogen tanks and the fuel cell stack are stored on the vehicle’s roof, to optimize the interior space. Thus, the H2.City Gold may have different interior layouts, offering a large passenger capacity.

The vehicle is equipped with hydrogen leakage sensors in the fuel cell and hydrogen tanks and crash sensors so that in the event of a leak or accident they cut the hydrogen flow out of the tanks. By using a colour-changing tape it is possible to carry out visual checks for possible leaks in an easy and faster way. Like the 100% electric bus, this model can also be fitted with a wide range of other safety features.

The H2.City Gold is designed to provide a straightforward user experience from the start. The similarities to conventional vehicles allow for easy adaptation, so driving the H2.City Gold can be a pleasant experience.

The first vehicles are being delivered in 2020. This is another significant step forward in the development of mobility solutions for zero-emission public passenger transport.


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