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CaetanoBus and Louwman Group which is the TOYOTA’s distributor for the Dutch market are now partners on the Netherlands City bus segment



Louwman Group which is a Dutch automobile distributor company and CaetanoBus signed a sales agent and maintenance agreement for CaetanoBus’s zero-emission buses e.City Gold and H2. City Gold. This agreement will promote CaetanoBus ZE city buses on the Dutch market. The both groups have been grown in their own market and decided to work for the new challenge beyond the current business domain.


From July, 2021 onwards, Louwman Group will be the sales agent for e.City Gold and H2.City Gold, the EV and FC bus model of CaetanoBus in the Dutch market, where it has a strong presence, assuming direct contact with customers for the sale of Caetano buses. In addition, Louwman Group will also be the after-sales partner, providing all the assistance of the maintenance of CaetanoBus’ products.



Both, Salvador Caetano Group, from which CaetanoBus is part, and the Louwman Group have a long connection with Toyota. Both business groups are the brand’s representatives in the Portuguese and Dutch markets, respectively, and the partnership is thus strengthened thanks to Toyota’s recent co-branding of Caetano zero-emission buses.


This new partnership is an opportunity for CaetanoBus to reach another market, with a reliable partner, with whom we share our vision for the future of the transports sector.


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