iTrabus Cabin Crew iTrabus Cabin Crew iTrabus Cabin Crew

iTrabus Cabin Crew

Driving your crew

Developed for passenger transport both private or comercial use private or comercial use of crews, iTrabus Cabin Crew is the best solution for a quality transport service from the airport to different destinations.

With a capacity up to 24 seats, iTrabus Cabin Crew stands out for the high level of comfort and quality, as also as the wide interior and exterior luggage capacity, with a large luggage capacity of large and small trolleys. This minibus allows a comfortable journey to the crew after several flight hours.



High-quality interior design materials. Ergonomic and comfortable driver's seat.


Service door for passengers, automatic, with anti crushing system, opening to the front. Service door opening led by driver. Spacious bus corridor.

Luggage Capacity

Luggage area for 2 different size trolleys per crew member: exterior luggage capacity for 24 Large Trolleys; interior storage space must accommodate 24 Small Trolleys.
Equipment iTrabus Cabin Crew Equipment iTrabus Cabin Crew Equipment iTrabus Cabin Crew

Stantard Equipment

  • Adjustable steering wheel, diameter 390 mm
  • 3 Degree suspended adjustable driver seat - original from IVECO
  • Automatic AC for driver
  • Idependent front suspension with torsion bar
  • Rear air suspension (ECAS)
  • Automatic service door, outward sliding to the front, with anti squeeze system
  • Opening of the service door operated by driver
  • Exterior luggage flaps automatically operated
  • Driver’s seat original from chassis manufacturer
  • Passenger seats with fold-down armrest on the aisle side, trimmed in fabric
  • Side windows double tinted grey glass 3+3 mm, curved piece
  • LED interior lighting
  • 2 Roof hatches
  • Interior lining in easy to maintain fabric
  • Large interior luggage rack to store cabin crew baggage
  • Additional interior luggage rack at the rear behind the 4 way seats
  • Radio CD player and amplifier
  • Provision for DVD player and LCD monitor
  • Vehicle speed limiter in accordance with legislation
  • 3-pointseat belts in all seats
  • 1 Emergency door on the LHS complying with the latest GCC requirements
  • Emergency knobs near the service door
  • First aid box kit
  • Electrical exterior rear-view mirrors
  • Front and rear fog lights
  • 2 fire extinguishers
  • Compliance of materials according to European anti-inflammability Directive
Specification iTrabus Cabin Crew Specification iTrabus Cabin Crew Specification iTrabus Cabin Crew
iTrabus 8.4m
Bus body CAETANO
Length 8.430 mm
Width 2.470 mm
Height 3.265 mm
Wheelbase 4.750 mm
Seated Up to 24
Luggage compartment volume (approximately)  - Exterior luggage capacity for 24 Large Trolleys (54x32x71cm); - Interior storage space must accommodate 24 Small Trolleys (55x28x35 cm)
Available under platform IVECO
Motorisation Motor FIC Euro 5
Power 125 kw (170 cv) @ 3.500 rpm
Manufacturer reserves the right to change product specifications. Other versions on request.