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Clean mobility in cities

With the launch of the Ecocity Gas model, CaetanoBus, together with MAN, became a pioneer in the re-introduction of gas powered urban vehicles in England. This vehicle is powered by biogas, representing a neutral alternative in carbon able to respond to the environmental challenges that transport operators face in the 21st century.



Biogas powered vehicle, producing up to 96% lower CO2 emissions. Reduction in fuel costs for Transport Operators, as it is powered by renewable energy produced by biodegradable materials.


A silent bus, providing greater comfort to passengers. The vehicle does not release any odours.


A natural gas fuel tank provides the vehicle with a higher safety profile than conventional diesel fuel tanks. Greater safety in maintenance operations.
Specification Ecocity Specification Ecocity Specification Ecocity
Ecocity 12m
Bus body CAETANO
Length 11.980 mm
Width 2.500 mm
Height 3.453 mm
Wheelbase 5.815 mm
Seated 41
Standing 28
Available under platform MAN A69
Motorisation HOCL-NL (A69) CNG 4x294l Alu Dynetek 8x205l Alu Dynetek
Power 200KW/ 272HP; 228KW / 310 HP
Manufacturer reserves the right to change product specifications. Other versions on request.